Baked Shrimp Announces Conscious: The New Studio Album

Baked Shrimp is proud to announce the release of their second official studio album, Conscious. The music for Conscious has been in the works for one year, and on March 26th, 2021 the full ten-track LP will be released to the public on all streaming platforms. This album is very special to the band. This was destined for a summer of 2020 release date until we were all struck with the COVID-19 pandemic. The production of this album was forced to pause. During the four-month long intermission, the band created Bubble Suit (a “quarantine” album), making Conscious the band’s third official album. Nonetheless, Conscious will be Baked Shrimp’s first studio album with Jager Soss behind the kit since his debut with the band in March of 2018.

Thank you to Michael and Nick Rufolo from The Brothers Nylon for recording and co-producing Conscious. Nick performs on all ten tracks, and we are so excited to see you all blown away by his craft and talent. Conscious is also mixed, mastered, and co-produced by the great Anthony Cimino at Mojo Music Studio in Franconia, NH.

Conscious will be dedicated to the one and only Lon “Conscious” Gellman.

We are also pleased to announce the construction of what will soon be home to Baked Shrimp’s official new website, For all things Conscious, keep checking back to