Baked Shrimp

Baked Shrimp, the dynamic progressive fusion rock trio, has surged to prominence as a rising force within the festival circuit. Originating from the vibrant music scene of Long Island, NY, the trio comprises Jared Cowen (Guitar/Vocals), Scott Reill (Bass/Vocals), and Jager Soss (Drums/Vocals). Together, they channel their boundless energy, unique songwriting, and improvisational prowess, weaving their three-piece artistry into a symphonic odyssey. The years 2022 and 2023 have been a whirlwind of success for the band, with a remarkable streak of over 215 concerts throughout the United States and multiple ventures to Canada.

Baked Shrimp embarked on an epic headlining Spring & Summer Tour, boasting a staggering total of almost 80 dates. This period marked their festival debuts at renowned events such as Peach Music Festival, Summer Camp Music Festival, Northlands Live, and Mile of Music. A special moment arrived in July when they graced the stage at their hometown event, the Great South Bay Music Festival, sharing the limelight with legendary Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead. Baked Shrimp further solidified their standing by providing direct support for esteemed acts including the Disco Biscuits, Dopapod, Twiddle, and Andy Frasco & The U.N. Particularly noteworthy is their very own festival, LonCon, situated in Upstate New York. This festival, a homage to their dedicated supporter and ambassador, Lon “Conscious” Gellman, is a vibrant celebration of live music and art, accompanied by two nights of camping.

Despite their relentless touring, Baked Shrimp consistently releases new music, including their acclaimed 2021 album, “Conscious.” They swiftly followed it with “The Prawno Tapes, Vol. 1,” a three-disc live album. In early 2022, they released “Pork Etiquette,” featured alongside albums by prominent artists like Vulfpeck and The Weeknd as part of JamBase’s Release Day Picks. After a period of recording in a rustic barn, cradled amidst the serene embrace of mountains, forestry, and grazing cattle, at the outset of 2023, the band is gearing up to unveil their self-titled full-length album in January 2024, followed by an expansive album release tour.

As their current headlining Fall Tour ventures westward across the Mississippi, Baked Shrimp stands on the precipice of a remarkable year. Once described as “Long Island’s best kept secret,” Baked Shrimp is a secret that simply no longer can be kept.

Jared Cowen (Guitarist/Vocalist)

Jared Cowen is accomplished musician born on April 29th, 1998. Within the talented lineup of Baked Shrimp, Jared showcases his exceptional talent as a lead guitarist, vocalist, and primary songwriter, contributing to the band’s unique sound. Jared’s deep-rooted love for music blossomed at a tender age of four when he embarked on his musical journey, exploring the realms of composition.

Jared’s musical prowess shines through in Baked Shrimp’s intricate compositions, such as the captivating tracks “Down the Drain,” “Tulu,” and “Rosa,” which bear his creative signature. Throughout his early years, Jared dedicated himself to studying jazz, earning recognition and accolades for his skillful guitar playing on both County and State levels.

In 2017, Jared took the initiative to found Baked Shrimp, a venture that not only fueled his artistic passion but also piqued his interest in the business aspects of the music industry. Embracing this new role, he fearlessly immersed himself in the art of booking, promoting, and managing the band’s tours and performances. In 2019, Jared graduated from SUNY College at Oneonta, equipping himself with a degree in Music Industry.

Even today, Jared’s dedication to his craft remains unwavering. He continues to write captivating music, sharing his talent and knowledge through teaching. With a focus on Baked Shrimp’s success, Jared persistently strategizes and plans for the band’s future endeavors, aiming to take their musical journey to new heights.

Scott Reill (Bassist/Vocalist)

Scott Reill, a Long Island native, discovered his passion for bass during his elementary school years. Without any formal instruction, he embarked on a self-taught musical journey, spending countless hours honing his skills by playing along to songs by iconic bands like Pink Floyd and The Beatles. His musical influences expanded to include the likes of They Might be Giants, The Clash, and Victor Wooten, shaping his unique style.

Fate brought Scott and Jared Cowen together through mutual friends, leading to a pivotal moment when Cowen invited him to play bass for a one-night performance with his side project band. Scott’s exceptional talent surpassed all expectations, impressing Cowen to the point where he extended an invitation for him to become the permanent bassist of Baked Shrimp.

Jager Soss (Drummer/Vocalist)

Jager Soss, a Long Island native who’s been immersed in the rhythm since day one. At the youthful age of 22, he lives and breathes drumming like nobody’s business. From an early age, it was crystal clear that Jager was destined to be a drumming prodigy. Reflecting on the first time he grabbed a pair of sticks, he fondly recalls, “I instantly knew I had found my lifelong pursuit.”

Jager’s musical journey has blessed him with incredible opportunities to grace the stage alongside legends in the industry. He’s jammed with the likes of George Porter Jr. from The Meters, Butch Trucks from the Allman Brothers Band, Kenny Brooks from Rat Dog, Robert Walter from the Mike Gordon Band, and hey, he’s even collaborated with the one and only Debbie Gibson. Talk about an epic lineup!

Jager Soss, at the young age of 16 in 2018, found himself joining the ranks of Baked Shrimp after a serendipitous connection with Jared through the vast realm of social networks. It all began when their shared love for similar music sparked an instant connection. Recognizing Jager’s undeniable talent and passion for the craft, Jared couldn’t resist but invite him to become a part of the band’s incredible journey. With Jager’s infectious energy and raw talent infusing the group’s sound, Baked Shrimp embarked on a thrilling new musical adventure that continues to captivate audiences.